I sew little creatures inspired by children's drawings. Most little creature creations featured on this site are based on drawings from my childhood when I was between two and six years old. In the last couple years I had the opportunity to make several custom order. These can be viewed in this gallery.

On the left you can see the little monster drawing that inspired me to translate these guys into three-dimensional creatures. Based on that drawing, the first little creature was born.

After that, I made several more creations based on other drawings − always trying to capture the characteristics of the individual creatures.
One drawing I had done in pencil I interpreted freely in color − although I kept the checker theme in the fabric since the drawing was on grid paper.

Stick figures, or creatures with limbs consisting of only lines posed a difficult challenge since they don't easily translate into a three-dimensional volume.
I decided to sew narrow pipes, inverted them, and filled them with pipe cleaners − quite a tricky thing.

The first step in textile creation is to make a pattern based on the original drawing. I use transparent paper. This makes it easy to trace the drawing, but it is still strong enough to be pinned on fabric several times.

You can browse more pictures of the process in the gallery.

My next project will involve some animals for sure!